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Daniel Sokolowski

A field tested Salesforce developer versed in delivering enterprise level portals and intranets on the Salesforce platform. My 10+ years experience as a full stack web engineer combined with my talent to self educate is what powers my ability to design large scale solutions.

My current career goals are to become a certified Salesforce Technical Architect and on more of a fun note to make into the top 3% reputation echelon at stackoverflow.com

Perspective • Innovation • Planning

All things are created twice; first mentally; then physically. The key to creativity is to begin with the end in mind, with a vision and a blue print of the desired result.Stephen Covey
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work experience

Technical Architect
May 2017 - Present

Stantive Technologies Group Inc.

Technical leader to other developers during project engagements. Worked with project managers, customer business units, and design companies, to develop requirements, estimates of effort, statements of work, timelines, and project plans for complex Salesforce based solutions.

Project / Activity Overview of Responsibilities
Sales Demo: ISCA
Non for Profit
51-200 employees
  • rapidly prototyped a proof-of-concept Lightning powered demo
  • delivered a presentation addressing technical requirements of the opportunity
Sales Demo: American Express
Financial Services
10,001+ employees
51-200 employees
  • resolved performance issues in Lightning components
  • merged these fixes back into OrchestraCMS Lightning code
Israel Discount Bank
Private Company
501-1,000 employees
  • sole developer to create a Lightning based corporate intranet communication hub
  • was primary point of contact for the client
  • extended OrchestraCMS Lightning content components to meet UI/UX designs
  • ensured a consistent code organization
  • executed deployments of code
Marwood Group Portal
Financial Services
Private Company
51-200 employees
  • partook in the delivery of a public facing community designed to deliver content to registered and guest users
  • architected the security for three tier content and resource access using private sharing
  • implemented a multi-step content publishing approval process
  • architected a custom analytics module
  • developed project plan based on SOW requirements on oversaw work division
  • designed site mockups and carried out majority of the CSS/HTML/JS conversion
  • provided technical guidance to project members
  • planned, oversaw and ensured a consistent code organization
  • executed deployments of code
  • was the main technical point of contact with client
VMWare Blog
Computer Software
Large Cap
10,001+ employees
  • provided development guidance to technical specialists
  • built article posting and authorship Lightning component functionality
  • customized and extended our off-the-shelf menuing component
  • converted pixel-perfect a mock-up into a Lightning theme
  • planned, oversaw and ensured a consistent code organization
  • assisted with SOW estimating process
  • designed and created deployments procedure and executed deployment of code
  • answered technical client/partner questions and carried out end-of-sprint demos

Sales Secondment
Oct 2016 - May 2017

Stantive Technologies Group Inc.

Assisted account executives and solutions consultants in accessing solution fit and level of effort required to meet customer needs. Provided budgetary quotes, estimates and technical responses to RFPs/RFIs. Worked on over 20 Lightning and Visualforce proof-of-concepts intranets, public facing sites, and Salesforce communities demos. Memorable highlights are:

Project / Activity Overview of Responsibilities
Sales Demo: The Home Depot
Large Cap
10,001+ employees
  • prototyped menu targeting based on user profile as part of sales demo
  • assisted account executive with technical questions
  • successfully re-styled a Lightning template within the framework's limiations
Sales Demo: Investors Group
Financial Services
Mid Cap
5,001-10,000 employees
  • customized OrchestraCMS Lightning demo assets to meet presentation needs
  • prototyped a user messaging system
  • coded proof-of-concept targeted styled experience based on user targeting
  • lead the modernization and consolidation of demo assets into one single source TSO org
  • delivered ‘Sales Demo TSO Governance' plan to the sales team
  • created demos and provided support for company's Dreamforce 2016 presence
Sales Demo: 7 Eleven
10,001+ employees
  • rapidly duplicated a 3rd party demo within a Lightning framework
  • up-lifted the solution to be showcased company's booth at Dreamforce 2016
Sales Demo: Adidas
Sporting Goods
Large Cap
10,001+ employees
  • worked with multiple APIs to surface user targeted content within an existing partner implemented demo community
  • coded styling and markup integration to fit within existing client's theme

Technical Specialist Team Lead
Sep 2014 - Oct 2016

Stantive Technologies Group Inc.

Mentored technical specialists and worked directly in the trenches to deliver enterprise level projects built on Salesforce and powered by the OrchestraCMS platform; work highlights include:

Project / Activity Overview of Responsibilities
Large Cap
10,001+ employees
  • worked on surfacing search functionality by levraging the Google Search Appliance
  • developed procedures for net-new blind deployments into QA, UAT, and PROD orgs
  • executed code deployments into QA, UAT, and PROD orgs
  • provided enhancements and fixes post project launch
  • created effort quotes and associated timelines estimates
  • introduced code and project organization
  • assisted with client reporting and creation of the solution manual
  • converted HTML mockups and worked on the front-end UI functionality
  • lead developer on a public facing blogging solution
  • provided timelines and project planning
  • implemented the authoring and rendering of article content
  • architected SEO friendliness throughout the solution
  • converted mockups into templates
  • participated in a company wide strategic brainstorming sessions to scale revenues through partner support
Marketing & Advertising
Nano Cap
1,001-5,000 employees
  • lead developer on partner joint engagement to deliver a Salesforce community
  • delivered a customized taxonomy based content search
  • converted designs into HTML5/CSS/JS VF based pages
  • provided technical assistance and guidance
Lincoln Financial Group
Financial Services
Large Cap
5,001-10,000 employees
  • replaced two existing sites by creating one custom built with OrchestraCMS
  • leveraged and extended OrchestraCMS menuing components to meet client's menu organization structure
  • converted UX/UI designs into HTML/CSS/JS Visualforce templates
  • created project documentation and carried out client training

Senior Technical Specialist

Oct 2013 - Sep 2014

Stantive Technologies Group Inc.

Worked on mid-to-large cap level projects to deliver custom solutions built with OrchestraCMS and the Salesforce platform. Relevant work highlights include:

Project / Activity Overview of Responsibilities
McGrath Limited
Real Estate
Micro Cap
1,001-5,000 employees
  • worked on multi-faceted Search with geo-fancing functionally to surface real estate listings
  • converted provided HTML mockups into master templates
  • collaborated on OrchestraCMS API enhancements need for meet project requirements
Les Mills International Ltd
Health & Fitness
201-500 employees
  • extended existing UI of a member portal to provide downloadable media managed by the client
  • carried out code deployments and with the go-live event
Purolator Inc
Package/Freight Delivery
10,001+ employees
  • created Salesforce triggers to meet client's content authoring needs
  • developed responsive OrchestraCMS templates using HTML/CSS/JS
  • performed code deployments
  • demoed built functionality to client at end of sprints
Bupa Dental Corporation Bupa Dental Corporation (Dental Corporation Pty Ltd)
Hospital & Health Care
1,001-5,000 employees
  • updated existing templates styles to provide responsive experience
Pernod Ricard
Wine and Spirits
Large Cap
10,001+ employees
  • coded a RSS feed in Apex to surface OrchestraCMS article content and enhance SEO
Thistle Insurance Services Ltd
201-500 employees
  • provided client customer support and resolution to support logged client issue
Large Cap
1,001-5,000 employees
  • enhanced existsing sollution to provide a editable pop-up overlay editable by the client
  • converted PSD mockups into HTML/CSS/JS makrup templates

Senior Web Engineer

Feb 2010 - Oct 2013

KL Insight

Architected and developed small, medium and large scale project. Maintained servers, assisted with business needs analysis, and provided SEO services.

Project / Activity Responsibilities
Fairware Marketing & Advertising
11-50 employees
  • back-end maintenance, bug squashing, functionality improvements to a Magento/Django powered e-commerce site
  • SOAP API queries to retrieve data from Salesforce
FlyerMail Marketing & Advertising
11-50 employees
  • project deliverable was a Google map like interactive experience displaying flyers from local businesses
  • sole developer, database design, template design and conversion, front-end and back-end code
  • initial concept for project: flyers Geo placed on a Google map
Burnham Optical Retail
2-10 employees
  • project was to deliver a company site to highlight services and products carried
  • was the sole developer on the project, responsible for database design and SEO optimizations
RYATT Sports
2-10 employees
  • project was a full sports management suite for a volleyball organization
  • architectural highlights include: match tracking, team management, members area, gallery, approval processes, registration process, e-commerce
  • was the sole developer responsible for template conversion, database design, e-commerce store, front-end and back-end
Tozer & Ruys Real Estate
2-10 employees
  • project requirements were to create a Google map powered site for real estate listings
  • sole developer, database model design, template conversion, front-end and custom CMS development
PGMC Sports
2-10 employees
  • engagement required the creation of a company public site highlight their services and products
  • was the sole developer of the front-end, custom CMS back-end and the database design and implementation
Kingston Family Law
  • project deliverable was a searchable listing service for local layers
  • was the sole developer of the front-end, custom CMS back-end and the database design and implementation
Body Now 4 Mums / BN Athletic Training
  • project deliverable was an online presence for a local company
  • was the sole developer responsible on the engagement
  • front-end and back-end custom development, database model design
Mike Froom Golf
  • required deliverable was an online social presence for a professional golfer
  • was the sole developer on the engagement
  • responsibilities included UX/UI template conversion into HTML/CSS/JS and custom CMS development, database model design
  • sole developer responsible for database model design, template conversion and custom CMS development
Bubbles Cleaning
  • engagement was to create an online presence for a local business
  • was the sole developer and responsibilities included database model design, front-end and custom CMS back-end
Wooden Matters
  • client deliverable consisted of an online products gallery
  • was the sole developer responsible for database model design, template HTML/CSS/JS conversion and custom CMS development
House of Angelis
  • project engagement consisted of creation an online presence for a novelty store
  • sole developer with responsible that included database model design and HTML/CSS/JS code and back-end CMS development
  • developed an internal CRM for time tracking, project tracking, customer database, billing and project burn-rate reporting.

Web Engineer/Owner

Jan 2009 - March 2015

Danols Web Engineering

Owner and lead web designer on small to large project. Assisting Kingston clients from project inception through solution launch and search engine optimizations. Other hats included Linux hosting administrator, VoIP asterisk specialist, and an accountant.

Project / Activity Responsibilities
Kingston Clean Freaks (V2) Consumer Services
2-10 employees
Redesigned client's web presence and brought the brand back into the 21st century. Basic Search Engine optimizations with very positive results.
Danols Web Engineering (v2) Business site redesigned to reflect modern trends. Successfully Search Engine Optimized the site from 7th page to position 2nd.
Power Plus Roofing Built a web presence for a Kingston roofing company. Currently providing ongoing hosting and update assistance.
Carissa Cosgrove Designed and created using PHP a personal website for a freelance news journalist.
Deadbox Before Dishonor Developed in PHP a brochure style website and an online store for a company specializing in Paint Ball attire.
First Capital Construction
HUSKY HomesIndustries Construction
Created a web portal for a general contracting company specializing in residential improvements in the Kingston area.
Kingston Clean Freaks (v1) Designed and developed using Django a web presence for a growing cleaning company.
Danols Properties Developed a Django website connecting individuals with accommodations in Kingston.
EstateMaps.info Developed a portal that provided map based listings of available real estate in Kingston and surrounding areas; the underlying PHP Content Management System was custom made.


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